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About the Author

Dick Punnett

For over 35 years author/illustrator Dick Punnett has delighted children of preschool to 7 years of age with books that have made learning fun. His series, TALK-ALONG, was first published in 1982 and was the first interactive books introduced into the schools. They were his best sellers because they taught basic concepts in a very original and clever way, and all in rhyme. He wrote another series called DOUBLE RHYME, and over the years he has added to both series and also written single story books. Of the 15 books he has authored, seven of them are also illustrated by him. Because he spent a number of years as a writer-cartoonist for a Hollywood animation studio, his illustrations have a special appeal for children. They are perky, clever, funny and expressive.

All 15 books are offered as both paperbacks and Kindle e-books. Seven of the wonderfully expressive books are presented in pen and ink, and when purchased as a paperback, they make excellent Keepsake Coloring Books. In addition to your family's use of Dick Punnett's books, the books also make great gifts for those who have young children or young grandchildren. His books create a lot of joy and entertainment for both the reader and the child!

Please note that some older versions of Dick Punnett's books are listed for sale by other parties. The newest versions have significant improvements.